I believe that teaching can change students’ lives by showing a whole new world. I really enjoy the process of sharing my passion and curiosity about theories and methods of political science with students.

Instructor, Texas Tech University

    • Transnational Issues (Fall 2022)
    • Data Analysis, Graduate (Fall 2022)

Instructor, Bentley University

    • International Relations (Fall 2021, Spring 2022)
    • Model United Nations (Spring 2022)

(Online) Instructor, University of Iowa

Teaching Assistant, University of Iowa

Guest Lecturer, Korea University

    • UN Human Rights Protection Mechanism (Spring 2021)

Guest Lecturer, University of Iowa

    • International Conflict (Spring 2018)
    • Introduction to International Relations (Spring 2017, Spring 2016)

University of Iowa 2017-2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awardee 


    • “TA was really cool and knowledgeable about every subject that we discussed in class. She also provided a lot of material to help us review for exams and to generally be successful in the class and I’m really happy about that. During discussion section, she was really good about letting us be the vehicle for our learning, where we would do a lot of discussion between students and asking questions about the material so we could be effective in learning that material on our own, rather than just her talking and us listening.”
    • “One of the sweetest and most encouraging TA’s I’ve encountered. She made me want to invest more of myself in the course.”
    • “Yooneui is a ray of sunshine, she is extremely helpful in section as well as utilizing her office hours. She makes time to go over material in depth with students”
    • “Yooneui is an awesome TA! She knows the material very well and has our discussions planned out which helps it flow nicely”
    • “Yooneui made class very entertaining and kept me interested. She was very funny and make the class enjoyable.”
    • “Yooneui is a great TA and I would recommend her to everyone”
    • “I felt very supported by Yooneui. I loved the class”
    • “I really enjoyed this section, and I believe that the instructor did a great job teaching it”
    • “Best TA I’ve ever had by far”