Recent Publications

Competition, Aid, and Violence against Civilians (Co-authored with Menninga, Elizabeth)

Status: Published at International Interactions (2020)

Presented at: 2019 International Studies Association Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada.

The autonomy of international organizations? The analysis of major powers’ influence over the World Bank’s aid policies (Co-authored with Kim, Youngwan)

Status: Published at International Area Studies Review (2021)

Geopolitics of Chinese Outward FDI and Its Implications for Asia-Pacific Middle Powers (Co-authored with Ou-Yang, Ray) in The Strategic Options of Middle Powers in the Asia-Pacific

Status: Forthcoming

Under Review

A Network Analysis of Naming and Shaming in the Universal Periodic Review

Presented at: 2019 International Studies Association Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada; 2018 St. Louis Area Methods Meeting in Ames, IA; 2018 Annual Political Networks Conference in Fairfax, VA.

Convergence of Interests in International Human Rights Politics:
Text Analysis of Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council

Presented at: 2021 International Studies Association Annual Convention

Compliance with International Human Rights Institutions: The Effectiveness of the Universal Periodic Review

Political Leaders, Economic Hardship, and Foreign Aid Allocation (co-authored with Han, Kangwook and Han, Sung Min)

Presented at: 2021 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

Working Papers

Enduring Effects of Social Movements on Organizations: The US’ Designation of Human Trafficking Countries (co-authored with Chun, Hyunsik)

Presented at: 2018 International Studies Association Midwest Annual Conference in St.Louis, MO; 2019 Midwest Sociological Society in Chicago, IL.